Trip to Rome

Finally after waiting for a few weeks, we took a trip to Rome. Flight from Weeze(Germany) airport using Ryanair took almost 2 hours to arrive in Ciampino Airport (Rome).

From Ciampino Airport, we take a bus to Anagina Metro Station. The ticket for bus (CIampino Airport -> Anagina Metro Station) and Metro Ticket (Anagina -> Termini Station) can be bought in the Airport.

Anagina is the nearest Metro Station to Ciampino Airport. It costs 1.2 euro per person for the bus from Ciampino Airport to Anagina Metro Station.

At Anagina , we took the Metro to Batistini, I think Metro A. It takes 1 hour to arrive at the Cornelia Station ( 1 station before Batistini). From Batistini we took a bus to Camping Village Rome, the hotel where we stayed for 4 days.

This hotel is a nice place for camping. There are many tourists from all europe and also Asia there. It has also has many facilites like swimming pool, internet cafe, bar & restaurant, supermarket, laundry machine, parking space, etc.

Some people come with their caravan and I saw that they really enjoy staying in that place.

Colloseo, Romano

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