Scholarship : Master of Information System Development at HAN University, The Netherlands

During this spring our study program Master of Information Systems Development has got through the every 5 year validation and accreditation procedure by a Dutch governmental board and we were recently informed that we got a positive judgement on all 21 checked issues. This means that we are really considered to be the leading program in The Netherlands. The program is tougher now than before, because since academic year 2008-2009 the R&D variant (with a few adaptations) is the default program now. As a consequence we accept only students with a previous bachelor in ICT, or maybe other engineering disciplines when enough ICT courses have been followed.

Because of this very positive outcome, Mr. Deny Smeets (the director of HAN Universityʼs ICT department) has decided to make a special financial offer for a few very good post-bachelor ICT students or junior lecturers from universities in Vietnam and Indonesia (we were most satisfied so far about foreign students of these two countries) for studying our 12 months master program on Information Systems Development in academic year 2008-2009. The conditions are as follows:

– The offer is only valid for academic year 2008-2009.

– The students must have a bachelor degree in ICT with a markk list of far above average level.

– The offer is valid for at most 5 students: 3 from Vietnam and 2 from Indonesia or 2 from Vietnam and 3 from indonesia .

– The tuition fee (euro 8000) and all administrative costs (euro 1500) will be granted and the already earlier decided reduction of euro 4000 for academic year is valid as well. As a consequence instead of the normal full package fee of euro 19000 only euro 5500 is asked for. This covers: tuition fee (governmental + university), all books and study materials needed, pick up at Amsterdam airport, housing in individual furnished rooms in an international student house near our campus (with common use of kitchen and bathrooms by at most 8 students), student health insurance on Dutch standards (100% covering all medical costs).

– Students who who think to comply with the second condition must apply to me within 10 days from now.

– The selection of students will be based on mark list, motivation letter and recommendation letter (by dean or director or senior lecturer). All to be sent by e-mail to me. The level of English must be about Toefl 550 or Ielts 6.0, but for proving such an official Toefl / Iets test is not requested. Any evidence or proof of mastering English will do.

– The selected students will be informed before July 1st.

– In case the selected students decide to enroll definitively they must deposit the euro 5500 on the account of HAN University at the ING Bank in Arnhem , the Netherlands before July 15. (for details refer to the financial statement form).

We can take care of all formal procedures for getting a visa and 12 months staying permit.

Prospective applicants can get the e-mail address of a Vietnamese student who is presently doing the program to be informed about things they would like to know.

Note: The last euro 500 mentioned in the financial form is normally meant for paying our intermediate agents (maybe former students). In this case we even skipped that, but you are allowed to raise the amount from euro 5500 to euro 6000 and then we can pay the euro 500 again to you as a payment by the prospective students for intermediating for this special offer.

Best regards,

Guido Bakema

Professor Data Architectures & Metadata Management

Academy of Communication and Information Technology

HAN University of applied sciences, Arnhem and Nijmegen , The Netherlands

Visit address: HAN campus Arnhem , building Ruitenberglaan 26, room E1.09

Post address: P.O. box 2217 , 6802 CE Arnhem , The Netherlands


Tel: +31 (0)26 3658271

Fax: +31 (0)26 3658126

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