C.K. Prahalad – The Future of Competition

Last week, we got a Business Plan  class  at HAN.  We were asked wether we have read some books of marketing guru called Parahad. Unfortunately, no one had read a book of Prahalad.

My lecturer said that he is one of the famous management guru in the world and that’s why we are urged to read his books. We have discussed about Competitive Advantage from Porter and Kotler on Marketing.

I found that those books are very fascinating.  If you want to know more about marketing and management, you should read them.

This morning I went to HAN’s library  (http://www.han.nl)  and I found a book of Prahalad. The title is “The Future of Competition” It was published in 2004.  I found it interested then I borrowed it …

I will spend some time this week to read this book and I will write what I have learned from this book.



Prahalad on his book says that the value creation of a product should not be in the company when the service or a product is created but the value is created by the company in collaboration with the consumer.  He introduces a new terminology : co-creation value.

He says that company should not focused on creating values and stresses their activity on value chains but modern company should focus on networking co-creation value.

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