Strategic vs Tactical Marketing

Tulisan ini diambild ari businessweek. Lumayan memberikan penjelasan mengenai perbedaan Strategic Marketing dan Tactical Marketing.


Strategic vs. Tactical Marketing – Understand and Profit

Most people mistakenly assume that when you talk about marketing…

by James Bell

Most people mistakenly assume that when you talk about marketing, you’re automatically talking about “Tactical” marketing – placing ads, generating leads, sending out mailers, attending trades shows, creating brochures, implementing a follow-up system, and so forth.

They fail to realize that the “Strategic” side of the coin – what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to – is almost always MORE important than the marketing medium of WHERE you say it.

So, What’s The Difference Between Strategic And Tactical Marketing?

The distinction between the two is huge. “Tactical Marketing” is the execution of your marketing plan, such as generating leads, placing media, creating marketing tools, and implementing a follow-up system. In other words, it’s the medium in which your message is delivered.

“Strategic Marketing” has to do with what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. In other words, it’s the content of your marketing message.

Strategic Marketing starts with understanding your customers and the things that are important to them, understanding “WHY John Smith buys”.

“If You Want To Know WHY John Smith Buys What John Smith Buys, You’ve Got To See The World THROUGH John Smith’s Eyes.”

Just putting a marketing message in an appropriate medium for John Smith to hear or read is not good enough. The strategy must derive from an understanding of what’s important to John Smith. Otherwise, this tactical part of the marketing process will be much less effective, resulting in ads that under-perform.

Many companies try to figure out how to sell more before they find out how to provide a solution to their consumers’ needs. The procedure for accomplishing this is exactly the same every single time, for every kind of business.

It’s The Advertiser’s Job To Pay Attention To Human Nature. Buyers Always Want To Make The Best Decision Possible.

Strategically, marketing programs and advertising should get the attention of target market prospects and facilitate their decision-making. This lowers their risk for taking the next step in the buying process.

By understanding what’s important to your target market, you can then put together a strategy that gets more qualified prospects to call, reduces your sales cycle, and increases your conversion ratios.

AFTER the strategy is in place, the tactical execution simply consists of testing and implementing your strategic plan.

Get a FREE Comprehensive Tactical Marketing Checklist, simply email your request to and ensure that you are considering all of the different types of tactical marketing resources you should consider.

May your marketing efforts be profitable.

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