Pregnancy Tips

I am surprised to know that my wife is pregnant. Just because I don’t have any ide about what to do during the pregnancy period. I am absolutely blank about this term.

Then we decided to just visited one of the specialist doctor closer to our residence.

The doctor told us that during the pregnancy period, the mommy wanne be should drink and eat more than before since she must provide enough nutritions for both the baby and the mother itself.

Mommy don’t have to drink pregnancy milk but just regualar milk as long as the quantity is enough.

During the first 10 weeks, don’t work too much because the baby is on fast growing period.

Diagram showing the development of the foetus during a normal pregnancy

Tips untuk Ibu yang lagi Hamil :
1. Konsumsilah makanan yang sehat dan bergizi. Hindari yang berminyak.
2. Istirahat yang cukup dan rajinlah berolahraga

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