Manohara dan Sinetron

THE Manohara Pinot “sinetron” (soap opera), is set to be kick off on Indonesian TV channel RCTI on Monday.
RCTI has already placed blurbs of the soap opera on its website,, contrary to rumours that the production had been halted.

The blurbs are accompanied by a brief synopsis of the 25-episode drama purportedly based on Manhora’s life with her Kelantan Tengku Temenggong husband.

The controversial 17-year-old model, who made headlines when she claimed to have “escaped” from her husband, will be starring as herself.

The plot of the TV drama is based loosely on her life in the Kelantan palace.

Manohara, together with her mother Daisy Farajina, previously stirred controversy after going public with claims that she had been abused by her husband, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Tuanku Ismail Petra.

The role of Manohara’s husband is played by Oka Antara, who bears a resemblance to the prince. Oka Antara was nominated for the best supporting actor award during last year’s Indonesian film festival, for his role in the 2007 film Ayat-ayat Cinta.

Veteran Indonesian singer-cum-actress, Dewi Yull, acts as Daisy.

Reports had said that Manohara was offered a massive Rp2.5 billion (RM865,285) to act in the series produced by Indonesian production company SinemArt.

However, SinemArt spokesperson Abdul Aziz denied on Indonesian TV news portal Okezone that SinemArt had paid that much to Manohara.

“That amount of money is usually the cost to produce the sinetron alone,” he said.

But Abdul Aziz added that SinemArt is insistent that Manohara should act in the sinetron even though she does not have prior acting experience, “because a film starring Manohara will surely sell”.

According to the synopsis, Manohara is forced by her mother to marry a rich man, Rico (Oka Antara), for the betterment of their family. However, Manohara’s heart is already set on her sweetheart, Rezky (played by Dude Herlino).

SinemArt is the production company responsible for box office hits Ungu Violet and Tentang Dia.

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