Malaysia is panic for other’s culture

Malaysia has s very close relationship with Indonesia. But both countries have different culture.

Malaysia’culture is mostly related to Sumatra’s (West Indonesia)  culture.  And there is no indication that Malaysia’s culture related to Javanese culture or Balinese culture.

So that, when Malaysia includes Pendet Dance (Tari Pendet) in its tourism advertising, then all Indonesian get angry.

Pendet Dance is originally from Bali, Indonesia. All people who has visited Bali   knows that Pendet Dance is from Bali.

Malaysia should be wise in determining and displaying or claiming its own culture. Even Indonesia and Malaysia is located in a region, it does not mean that the tradition and culture is the same.

Indonesian people should also be more aware of its own culture. Most of traditional dances are rarely performed. It gives a low awareness of young people about its own culture.

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