Lakipadada : in a search for Immortality

Lakipadada is a brave man from Tana Toraja. He was very keen in searching for immortality.

Finally, he found that immortality is not exist on earth.

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2 Responses to “Lakipadada : in a search for Immortality”

  1. frans bararuallo Says:

    I you sure Lakipadada is coming from Toraja ? When and where did you get the news ? Please tell me the really truth of Lakipadad.

    See you again in the next,

    • rongre Says:

      i am from toraja,, as i know,almost of torajan dont know who lakipadada is? lakipadada is not name of torajan,it was sanskrit name.
      althougt lakipadada known in all round sulawesi(especially in south and south east sulawesi). as i know, he has name in every place in sulawesi. he came to n from toraja, he destinied to visit almost place in sulawesi n indonsia n he never back to toraja again,,..

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