dijual anak tedong bonga umur setahun

dijual anakan ayam peru lokasi toraja

Wisata Pulau Samalona

Jika anda di Makassar on weekend, salah satu destinasi yang bisa dicoba adalah pulau Samalona.





axis hura hura, gratis nelpon ke all operator tanpa syarat

ayok beliko kartunya ini. terbatas ki di outlet.

Data Mining Methods for Commercial Analysis

Data Mining Methods for Commercial Analysis

21 – 22 November 2016, Kuala Lumpur

Understand the essential data mining methods for learning from your data

Why This Course:

Data is being collected at an ever-increasing rate and mammoth scales. These data contain information that is incredibly important to businesses, but are opaque without effective tools for their distillation. Data mining is concerned with the separation of relevant signal from noise in data in potentially very large datasets- without restrictive theoretical assumptions. Without such insight, data can be worthless and valuable opportunities easily lost.

This workshop provide a broad overview of a suite of the most commonly encountered data-mining methods. These methods are applicable to a huge range of areas seeking to make predictions on the basis of data such as credit scoring, fraud detection, fault prediction and churn modelling.

What You Can Master After Attending The Course:

Understand the roots of data mining, the different fields it draws upon and the methods it encompasses. *
Understand the philosophy of predictive model construction- in particular how to create models of variable complexity then and assess their general predictive power. *
Understand the basic ideas of appropriate model complexity- specifically the concepts of over/ under-fitting and practical calculation of re-substitution and generalization error. *
Know how decision trees are calculated for the purposes of classification or other types of predictions- then how to control and optimize these trees, along with their strengths and limitations. *
Understand what an Artificial Neural Network is and then how it is constructed and trained. *
Know the limitations of methods and how to choose between candidates.

And more.

For Brochure and Registration

Kindly Contact Our Marketing Person:

Name: Javis

Line: (65) 6536 8836

Email: javis@qc-management.com and Cc. javis-qc@hotmail.com

Upcoming Highlight

ASEAN Banking Forum


11 – 12 October 2016, Bangkok – Thailand

This Conference bringing you the networking discussion on trends in retail banking, solutions to improve operational efficiency, build customer trust and ensure quality of consistent multi-channel banking services towards becoming banks of the 21st century.

Inquire our brochure now for registration and sponsorship details. Email to javis@qc-management.com for details.

In House Training (IHT)

FOTO KONTES #XTRAMerdeka #xlaxiata #XLNorthRegion

FOTO KONTES #XTRAMerdeka #xlaxiata #XLNorthRegion


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Kost Harian di Jalan Ance Dg Ngoyo

Kost Harian di Jalan Ance Dg Ngoyo dekat dengan Mall Panakkukang Bulevard Makassar. Sangat dekat akses ke Kantor DPRD Makassar, dekat dengan Hotel Clarion Makassar. Fasilitas : AC Kamar Mandi Dalam…

Source: Kost Harian di Jalan Ance Dg Ngoyo

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